What Will You Do When The Sun Stops Shining?

I’m participating in one more blog hop this year, this one to highlight horror books, paranormal thrillers and the like.  My own horror book (or supernatural mystery or paranormal thriller…whatever genre you want to put it in) Nephilim Genesis of Evil is in Amazon’s top 50 for horror (at one point it hit #8)!  I’d like to celebrate this achievement, and give a shout-out to a bunch of great authors who will thrill you, scare you and generally make you shiver, by participating in this hop.horror books

The Day The Sun Stops Shining?

So what would you do if the sun stopped shining and the horror began?  The first thing I would want is a stack of flashlights and batteries so I can see what I’m doing.  Then food and water.  Then???

This would be quite a horror book, wouldn’t it?  This blog tour lasts until midnight December 31st.  As I will be celebrating the New Year with friends (and I hope you will be too), I will announce the winner sometime on January 2, 2012.  So here’s what one lucky winner will get.  All of my ebooks (5 of them)…including Nephilim Genesis of Evil AND your name as a character in the next Nephilim book!

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Comment below with what you would do if the sun stopped shining and the horror began…then visit these other great blogs, support indie authors and win more great prizes.  Horror books, supernatural mysteries, thrillers… and awesome fun!

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Award-winning author Renée Pawlish writes the bestselling horror book, Nephilim Genesis of Evil, the Reed Ferguson mystery series, short stories and non-fiction ghost stories.
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15 Responses to What Will You Do When The Sun Stops Shining?

  1. John DeJordy says:

    If the sun stopped shinning, the first thing I’d get is something to stay warm, because the cold would be the biggest trouble to worry about. From there, I’d focus on stockpiling food, water and weapons, because people are going to get crazy.

    • ReneePawlish says:

      That brings up a great point – what time of the year is this and where are you? Right now in Colorado, it IS cold so I’d definitely need a way to stay warm :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You are entered into the contest.

      • John DeJordy says:

        I lived in Massachusetts in the Connecticut River Valley for most my life (43 years), but now I am in Ocala, Florida. So back home it is crazy cold (got to -1), but here it is 70F

  2. Julie Jansen says:

    Hi Renee;
    Honestly if the sun just up and stopped shining. I’d probably chill in the house for a while, trying not to panic as we wrangled up the kids and came up with a game plan. I’d break out the candles, flashlights, batteries, and camping lanterns first thing.



    • ReneePawlish says:

      I like that! Hm, since I don’t camp, what would I do for light lol? Thanks for the comment and consider yourself entered into the contest.

  3. Great site! Sun stops shining the Earth cools quickly regardles of where you are. Find a place easy to keep warm, stock supplies and weapons, as well as a means of communication with the outside for valuable information. Snow gear is imperative. maintain secrecy of your layer to keep away looters. Keep a small generator for as long as suplies last. Don’t be afraid to shoot!

    • ReneePawlish says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting…and glad you like the site. I must not read enough sci-fi spooky end-of-the-world stories because your tips don’t occur to me lol. I must get educated. You are entered into the contest!

  4. Hi Renee, good to see you here and also read your interview at Nadina’s :) Happy DTSSS Tour!

    • ReneePawlish says:

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you saw the interview at Nadina’s – she has a nice blog. You are entered into the contest.

  5. If the sun stopped shining, I’d stay in my house and start fortifying it. Oh, wait, first I’d stock up on goods and then…oh geez, let me get back to you on that one ;-)

    • ReneePawlish says:

      I know, it’s a hard thing to decide what you’d do first. Thanks for your comment and you are entered into the contest!

  6. If the sun stopped shining, I’d go inside and change out of my bathing suit. Glad I live in Florida. LOL

  7. If the sun stopped shining, several things would happen.

    Plants would die, followed by everything else.
    As the atmosphere cooled off, all the water vapor would condense out as snow. Picture meters and meters deep snow.
    After the water vapor, then the gasses would start to condense out as snow. First the CO2, then followed by oxygen, nitrogen, etc..
    The only way you could hope to survive was to have a geothermal power plant, vacuum proof dome, enough room for an aquaponics system

    :D Or am I missing the point? :D

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