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As I’ve worked to build my following on Twitter, I’ve noticed that a lot of authors that I connect with have little or no clue how to market or promote themselves.  With that in mind, I am going to start some posts that focus on the marketing and promotion side of things.  So the first post is about…


Most authors don’t seem to have any idea what Twitter is all about, other than I should use Twitter because John Locke or Michael Hicks or M.R. Mathias (insert author), says I should.  They diligently create a Twitter account and seem to just think that people will discover them and follow them.  Let me say this clearly, unless you are already famous, it ain’t gonna happen.  You have to…

Follow People

And about 25% will follow you back.  Who do you follow?  Other authors, readers, and so on.  Now, I can hear some of you saying why would I want to follow other authors?  Aren’t they my competition?  How does this help me?  Basically, it’s like I’ve said on my post on Authopublisher about Facebook, because you will tap into all their followers if they retweet you (by the way, if you haven’t checked out Authopublisher, you should – it’s packed with information for writers).   And how do people retweet you?  If you write something worthy of a retweet, or if you retweet others’ tweets, they’ll show the love to you and retweet your tweets…I sound like a bird, right?  There’s more to this that I will cover in future posts, but that’s a key piece.  You also have to…

Know The Lingo

The hash mark (#) is for searching.  When you see #WW, this is Writer Wednesday (I’ve also seen people think it’s Worth Watching…that would still be okay, but it’s incorrect).  Here’s the important part for you authors: when you see a tweet with #WW and a list of people, you should follow them!  The person who tweeted this is noting that those on the list are worthy of following, that they are supportive.  So if you show up on the list, be a supporter, and follow the others.  You will all benefit from this.  Remember, you’re tapping into their followers as well.

Same with #FF.  This means Friday Follow.  The person who tweeted that is recommending people to follow.  If you’re on this list, great, you’ve shown yourself to be a supportive tweeter!  Keep it up, and follow the others.  Don’t worry…

If They Don’t Follow You Back

Just keep at it.  Building a following takes time, but you have to do it.  No one is going to magically find you.  But other tweeters are trying to help you out.  Don’t miss the opportunity.

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