Twitter, Ashton Kutcher And You

Now that’s a title, huh…

Here’s the thing: wouldn’t you love to have Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter followers?  I don’t mean his followers, but that many for yourself?  He’s got almost eight million of them.  I’m not a fan of Ashton Kutcher or Charlie Sheen, but they certainly have a fan base…

So What About You?

How do you begin to build that kind of Twitter following?  Let me tell you a few ways that won’t get you a following:

  • setting up an account and forgetting about it
  • thinking people will just come to you
  • focusing solely on book promotion or yourself
  • being obnoxious, rude and so on
  • never tweeting
  • never retweeting others

You’re not Ashton Kutcher or Charlie Sheen

They have name recognition, you don’t.  You have to put yourself out into the Twitter world.  You have to start following others, as I’ve said before.  Some of them will follow you back.  When they do, don’t ignore them, thank them!  At that point, make a quick mention of your books, your website, Facebook fan page (you NEED one) and so on.  Then be a friend…


By offering to help them.  Retweet some of their posts.  Checking out their website or blog.  Give them a shout out on #WW or #FF (see my other post about this).  It’s all karma, it will come back to you.

Be active on Twitter.  Yes, it’s time-consuming and you could be writing.  But most authors, especially when they’re still a nobody, have to spend a good chunk of their time promoting themselves and their books.  As Nike said, Just Do It.

Every once in a while (a few times a day) tweet about your books, how they just got a great review, who’s reading them, etc.  Just don’t overdo it.  And watch karma take over – those that you’ve helped, will now tweet to their followers.  Cool, huh…

When Someone Follows You First

Unless they are a network marketer, social media expert, porn star (you get my drift) follow them back!  They paid you a compliment.  Who cares if they’re not in your niche or they don’t have that many followers or whatever.  You’re helping them and they’re helping you (remember karma and how they will get you in touch with all their followers).

I laughed once when I followed an author who had eight, count ‘em, eight, followers.  I followed her, figuring I could help her out, give her some suggestions to build her following.  Guess what?  She sent me a nice tweet about following her, but didn’t follow me back.  You think I kept following her?  Nope.  It sounds cold, but I have to keep my numbers within Twitter’s ratio, and I don’t need to be following people who aren’t interested in a two-way street (karma).  Keep that in mind when you’re building your following.


It’s out there, I use a tool (ask me if you want to know which one).  Use them wisely so you don’t get banned from Twitter…you don’t want to appear as a spammer.  And don’t forget to be a real person too.  Automation is great, but you want to personally connect with people too.

That’s it for now.  Go build a following that rivals Ashton Kutcher.

Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan.

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