The Sallie House

Read the bestselling non-fiction horror book The Sallie House: Exposing the Beast Within.

Evil lurks in a haunted house in Kansas.
A paranormal team, led by Joe Cetrone, spends the weekend investigating the house, pursuing the dark and demonic.
What happens when Joe and the team challenges these entities?

Now, for the first time, Joe tells his story about his harrowing experiences in the Sallie House and offers some warnings about dabbling without experience in the spirit world.

A Must Read!
Todd Bates, Haunted Voices Radio host

Ebook available at Amazon.

Paperback available at Amazon.

Signed copies are still available.  Visit for more information.

Visit here to read deleted scenes from this unique horror book.


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Visit for more information about Renée and her horror books,  mystery series and crime fiction.

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