The Maltese Felon

Reed’s back with a dose of humor and film noir that will keep you turning pages!mystery series

When an attractive female client begs Reed Ferguson to find her prize-winning Maltese show dog stolen from her back yard, Reed suspects he may be channeling Ace Ventura: Pet Detective rather than his hero, Humphrey Bogart. It sounds like a simple case, but things take a dangerous turn and Reed discovers that man’s-best-friend can attract some decidedly unfriendly characters!

The Maltese Felon is the third mystery novel in the Reed Ferguson mystery series, and it’s sure to please!

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The Maltese Felon (clever title as an homage to Bogie) is the culmination of the building of Reed Ferguson into a full fledged literary PI. A hallmark of this series has been the clever plotting, a definite evolution of the main character. The Maltese Felon provides clever plotting, a definite sense of urgency and, for your reading pleasure, a deliciously twisted ending. That alone gets five stars from me.

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Reed Ferguson is the newest cool detective on the bookshelves.  Reed is the best kind of detective; he’s one of us.  He hasn’t got massive muscles and wields a gun with ease.  He takes a licking, but keeps on ticking.  He uses good old fashion brains to solve cases.  This book takes you in from the minute you start reading it.  Fans of the show Remington Steele will love the references to movies.  This is a great series that I sure will garner many fans and hopefully we’ll be reading for years to come.

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