The Best of Film Noir – Out Of The Past

This is one of Reed Ferguson’s favorites (with the exception of any Humphrey Bogart Film Noirmovie, of course).  Out Of The Past is a classic 1947 film noir that stars Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer as the noir hero and femme fatale.  And they nail the roles.  This wonderfully dark and convoluted story is at its core a movie about a man revealing his dark past to his girlfriend.  But it’s done so well!

Best of Film Noir – Doesn’t Mitchum Make a Great Noir Hero?

Robert Mitchum has always seemed like the swarthy heel to me.  Even when he’s playing a good character, he seems so very bad :).  Mitchum plays  Jeff Markham, a former private investigator who gets involved with a bad woman (typical film noir, right?).  Just when Markham thinks he’s escaped his dark past, it rises up to meet him again.  If you watch this movie, you’ll notice that we know very little of why Markham did what he did.  Normally, this lack of background could kill a characterization, but it works well here, due in great part to Mitchum’s performance.

Best of Film Noir – The Femme Fatale

Jane Greer plays Kathie Moffat, one of the greatest femme fatale’s in film noir history.  Which is ironic considering many people don’t know of this film.   Moffat is a beautiful, sexy, irresistible femme fatale.  She is contriving and deadly, nothing short of a chameleon.  All the elements of the classic femme fatale, and Greer plays the role to perfection.  As in so many noir films, she is the cause of Markham’s downfall.  Also noteworthy, Moffat is the cause of the racketeer Whit’s (Kirk Douglas in his fourth movie) fall as well.

Best of Film Noir – Classic Elements To Learn From

Out Of The Past is a great movie to learn about story and theme.  Although its multi-layered structure can at times be confusing, it should be studied for its themes of betrayal and passion that are interwoven into the intricate plot.  We can learn how to write twists and turns that keeps the reader (or viewer) on the edge, wondering what’s happening next and why.  We see a character torn between an inescapable past and a future that will never be, and we ache for him, knowing that every move he makes is ultimately leading him on a path to destruction.  We see characters with ambiguous pasts, and although we’re not sure what their motivations are, we care about them.  That is great writing.

Best of Film Noir – A Movie Based On a Great Book

Out Of The Past was based on Geoffrey Homes’ 1946 novel Build My Gallows High (Homes’ real name was Daniel Mainwaring).  It is noteworthy that Homes novel imitated Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon.  The movie was directed by Jacques Tourneur, who had previously directed horror films such as Cat People and I Walked With A Zombie.  Tourneur brought his horror technique to play in Out Of The Past, creating a visually dark, shadowy mood of terror throughout the film.  It is a compliment that many say that this movie has all the themes and tragic ending of a Shakespearean tragedy.

An interesting bit of trivia: this movie was remade in 1984 as Against All Odds, with Rachel Ward and Jeff Bridges.  It is considered a vastly inferior movie to the original.  Jane Greer plays the mother of her original character (Kathie Moffat) in Out Of The Past.

So grab your popcorn and soda, get comfy and tune in to Out Of The Past.  You won’t regret it.


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5 Star Review
There is little doubt that Renée Pawlish is a promising new voice to the comic murder/mystery genre.  Quite noticeable…is Pawlish’s adept development of the plot coupled with her ability to contrive clear, concise and playful prose with almost perfect pacing.
Norman Goldman, Bookpleasures Publisher and Editor

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  1. Bert Carson says:

    I’ve never seen an old Robert Mitchum – Thunder Road is where I joined his career. You’ve convinced me to give it some of my time. Thanks for doing that.

  2. Roy Mathur says:

    Great post!

    There’s just not enough posts about noir, so a kudosogram to you! Also have you seen the TV series Fallen Angels? (see-

    Also I’m a noir nut myself, see my posts-

    Its funny, just a week ago they showed Against All Odds here in Mauritius.

    • ReneePawlish says:

      Thanks! I read your posts, too, they are good. Too bad about your hat falling apart :). I haven’t seen Fallen Angels I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for your comment.

      • Roy Mathur says:

        Thanks, its been replaced with a local fisherman’s straw hat, a leather bush hat, various bucket hats, baseball caps, watch hats, bobble-hats and a plethora of other mad male millinery. None seem to quite match my first ill-fitting, battered fedora friend. RIP dear hat. When I finally go bald, I’ll splurge on a proper replacement. Oh to be well-hatted. “On that day I shall Futterwacken, vigorously.”- Alice In Wonderland (2010)

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