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I don’t know if my readers know that I guest blog on Authopublisher, a blog “where bloggers become published authors”.  I found Ivin Viljoen’s blog on Twitter, when he posted a request for guest bloggers.  I took him up on this, and it’s been a phenomenal experience.  So you want to become an expert in blogging, writing, and publishing? Check out his site!

Authopublisher’s Focus

In Ivin’s welcome video (which is cool, having a video welcoming people), he explains that the blog provides information about publishing, blogging, and social media.  And boy does he ever!  Each day, he or one of his contributors posts valuable information in these areas, along with pertinent videos.

Previously, Ivin wrote a book in three days, and published it within two weeks.  His experiences with writing books, articles, and blogs has made him an expert in the field of self-publishing and blogging.  Ivin also guest blogs for Sharon Hurley Hall, Murray Newlands, and Dean Saliba, to name a few.

But What’s In It For Me?

Ivin’s blog is a wonderful resource of short how-to posts and videos.  Not only that, you can contact Ivin personally with any questions you might have.  The blog is laid out nicely, with contributors listed on the side, a menu for each section of the blog, and lots of short videos (in case you don’t know, videos are the in thing with blogs…hm…I need to get on board that one).

Ten things I really like are:

  • Great Posts
  • Theme Days
  • Contest Information
  • Writing Tips
  • Blogging Tips
  • Great, Easy-To-Watch Videos
  • Great Guest Contributors
  • Learning How To Make Money From Blogs
  • Numerous Followers
  • Support

Let me detail a few of these bullet points in more detail:

Great Posts

Theme Days

Most days have a theme, like Tutorial for Twitter Tuesday and Facebook Friday and the posts are great, with step-by-step instructions on various topic related to Twitter and Facebook.

Contest Information

Ivin posts various contests and competitions as well.  You can win money, video tutorials, and more.

Writing Tips

Let’s face it, not all authors know how to write well.  Authopublisher has tips on writing and grammar, with examples of what to do, and what not to do.


Ivin is more than willing to answer your questions about blogging, writing, and so on.  I’ve learned a lot from him, and you can, too.

Ivin Promotes Me :-)

Ivin is all about helping others, and I’ve seen this firsthand.  He’s promoted my works and contests, and has helped me learn how to grow my blog.  Ivin is passionate about helping others succeed with their blogs, and their writing careers.  This is so rare, and so refreshing to see.

Making Money

How many of you want to make money with your blog and writing?  All hands raised, right?  Ivin can help you with learning how to do this, but in a way that doesn’t shout “I’m trying to make money with my blog!”  Again, a refreshing approach.

Final Thoughts

This site is a valuable resource for me, as I learn to grow and improve my own blog.  Ivin is also willing to guest blog, so I’m going to have him here in the near future.  One thing to note, English is not Ivin’s first language, so you might find the occasional odd phrase or typo (I’ve offered to help review his posts lol), but that doesn’t hinder you from learning a boatload from his blog.

Please check out Authopublisher – you won’t regret it.  AND, Ivin is looking for a few more regular contributors – this could be you!

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6 Responses to Review of Authopublisher Blog

  1. Nice review Renee! I think you’ll do well in the contest too. Best wishes :)

  2. Thank you! I really enjoy working with Ivin, it’s been a blessing.

  3. Sally Brown says:

    Hi Renee,
    Thanks so much for this review of Ivin’s site. I will certainly be coming to the site more often. He recently told me about Moderation Monday & I bookmarked the site. Thanks so much for this post. Sally

  4. aricmitchell says:

    Good review, Renee, you’ve convinced me!

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