Promoting Your Books

Many published authors will tell you that writing the book is the easy part – marketing the book is the hard part.  And in this age of publishing, authors have to do their own marketing.  I blog regularly on social media, marketing, and how to use the Internet for marketing.  I’ve gathered those posts here.


Twitter For Authors – How To Make The Most of TwitterTwitter For Authors

Twitter For Authors – Your Profile – Don’t Do That, Do This!

Twitter For Authors – To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

Twitter Tips And Tricks

Twitter Advice For Writers

Warning – What Twitter Won’t Do For You

Twitter, Ashton Kutcher And You

Twitter #WW And #FF

Twitter For Authors – Cleaning House

Twitter For Authors – Retweet Do’s And Don’ts

Facebook – The Giant You MUST Use For Promotion

Facebook For Authors – Why You Need A Fan Page

More Facebook For Authors – The Cover Image

Facebook For Authors – Editing Your Page

Facebook For Authors Continued- Highlights, Pinning, and More

Continuing Facebook For Authors – Posting Guidelines

How To Market a Book – Facebook Insights

Advanced Facebook For Authors – Using Applications

Advanced Facebook For Authors – Page Analytics And Algorithms

Facebook For Authors – Getting Likes For Your Page

Triberr – A Great Resource For Promoting Your Blog

Indie Authors – How To Use Triberr to Grow Your Blog

Indie Authors – How To Use Triberr Part Two

For Indie Authors – More Triberr Training

Google+ And You

Indie Authors, Google And Search, Plus Your World


indie author handbookBlog Basics For Indie Authors – Your Audience

More Blog Basics For Indie Authors – Layout

More Blog Basics For Indie Authors – Using Pages

Blog Basics Continued – The Importance of Your Blog Title

Further Blog Basics For Indie Authors – Blog Post Best Practices

Beyond The Blog Basics – Secrets For Your Blog Title

Beyond The Blog Basics – Image Do’s And Don’ts

Blog Basics Continued – The Best Tip I’ve Heard

Beyond The Blog Basics – Google Panda and You


Indie Authors – Do You Have An Amazon Author Central Page?

Indie Authors – Amazon Author Central Sales Info And More

Indie Authors – More Tips For Your Author Central Page

Indie Authors – Adding Books To Your Amazon Author Central Page

6 Responses to Promoting Your Books

  1. Vishal says:


    Do you have some stories to share from KDP select program? How did you use their promotions?


  2. Jeff Bland says:

    Great info Renee, tons of insight.
    Many thanks, Jeff Bland

  3. Clare says:

    Thank you for the ton of info. You have helped me look closer at my marketing efforts and given me a sense of control. Thanks again.

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