Nephilim Review

This is not my normal genre but the title caught my attention. As soon as I saw it I recalled the Nephilim from my long ago Sunday School classes. I downloaded the sample, read three pages, and then purchased the book. My intuition was dead on. Renee is a heck of an author. The book grabs you immediately and it doesn’t turn you loose until you’ve read the last word. Ms Pawlish is a story teller of the highest order. She brings her characters to life and sends them straight into your head. Her descriptions are vivid and the plot doesn’t waver; that’s all one should expect from any book, though it’s way more than we normally get. I’m not even tempted to say it was worth the price because I don’t indulge in gross understatements. After you buy the book, carefully plan when you will begin reading it because it’s more than likely you won’t be able to put it down. Renee Pawlish is now on my favorite writer list and it’s not a long one.

Bert Carson, Author

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