Nephilim Genesis of Evil review

“This was a reader recommendation, and it’s actually turning out surprisingly good. Nephilim is a sort of twist on the vampire novel, a sort of supernatural detective novel set in a lakeside Colorado town, focusing on an ancient evil described in Genesis. Now, admittedly this premise seems to scream “Christian Lit,” but from what I’ve read so far I would be more pressed to associate it with the works of Stephen King (Bag of Bones, in particular) than lump it with the Left Behind books and all that jazz. Pawlish’s writing is apt and efficient, keeping the story moving along steadily and swiftly. Characters are well realized, and the evil presence sufficiently creepy. Furthermore, having lived in Colorado for a few years, it’s nice to see some of the towns I’m familiar with referenced in the book.”

Chris Nelson

How flattering to be compared to Stephen King.  Thanks Chris!

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