Nephilim Books And My Nephilim Book F*R*E*E

As I pondered about what I should write on this Nephilim post, I of course did a keyword search and some of the things that came up were Nephilim books and Nephilim book.  Being the curious person that I am, I decided to check out some of the sites that came up.  I was amazed at the sheer number of books being written about the Nephilim.

My Nephilim BookNephilim

I wrote Nephilim Genesis of Evil back in 2005.  At that time, I was only aware of a small number of Nephilim books, the big ones by LA Marzulli.  I read one of his and was struck at how different our take on the Nephilim was.  It seems many people tie the Nephilim with aliens, maybe in part because of the interpretations of Sumerian myth by Zecharia Sitchin (read my post Nephilim, Anunnaki and Nibiru for more on this).  I took a decidedly different approach in my Nephilim book, making them bad guys from the Bible.

Other Nephilim Books

In my search on Nephilim books, I came across a Goodreads shelf of Nephilim books.  There are eighty-one listed (by the way, does anyone know how I can get my Nephilim book on the list?).  I wonder how other authors have Nephilim books that aren’t on the list.  I also wonder how many are by indie authors…

Indie Authors And Nephilim Books

I don’t know about those other authors, but when I queried my Nephilim book, agents didn’t know what to do with my book.  I repeatedly heard that they liked the writing and story but they didn’t know how to market the book.  I wonder if other authors hear this too.  After all, the Nephilim are kind of…well…weird bad guys.  They’re not vampires, zombies, ghosts or other villains.  There are so many interpretations of who or what were the Nephilim that they don’t fit neatly into a package (or genre).

Back To My Nephilim Book

Regardless of where my novel fits in term of genre, I will say one thing.  It’s a damn good read.  I had one reviewer say:

Before starting this book, I tried reading another about the Nephilim. I could not even finish the other book because I did not like the way it was written, nor the storyline and the characters. So, needless to say, I came to this book with low expectations — and Renee Pawlish blew my ideas of the Nephilim out of the water.

Another reviewer says:

I don’t read many horror stories. Yes, I’m sure there are more out there that are more graphic and have more terrifying elements than what is contained here, but to me, it was pretty spooky!

You get the idea :)  Anyway, I’ll put my Nephilim book up against any other.  And if you’ve been hesitating to purchase Nephilim Genesis of Evil, you can get it today (Wednesday) for FREE.  It’s spooky, but with great elements of mystery and suspense.  So take a chance on a great read.

About Renée Pawlish

Award-winning author Renée Pawlish writes the bestselling horror book, Nephilim Genesis of Evil, the Reed Ferguson mystery series, short stories and non-fiction ghost stories.
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4 Responses to Nephilim Books And My Nephilim Book F*R*E*E

  1. Tim Miller says:

    My book isn’t about Nephilim, but Nephilim play a big part later on…without giving too much away. But all across the board, I have a serial killer preacher, a mystical bad guy preacher, angels, demons, Lucifer, Nephilim and a bunch of other stuff and no one knows who is good or bad. I have no clue what genre it actually is, I listed it as horror, but yeah. So my problem now is getting it to where the right people will find it since its so unique. Frustrating lol

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on that list, Renee. Added my novel, as well. Will be spreading the word about the book being free, and I think my friend will also be spreading the word. He seems to be enjoying it.

    • Renée Pawlish says:

      You bet. I had a glitch with Amazon, will have to do another free day again. But what happened will be good for a future blog post. Thanks for the comment and support.

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