A New Nephilim Book by Actor Lee Wilson

The Nephilim don’t get much press on this blog, but I’m changing that, at least for the moment.  I was delighted to be contacted by actor and author Lee Wilson (South of Southern).  Lee has written a book about the Nephilim and he discovered my book about the Nephilim.  Lee asked if I would feature him on my blog.  What could I say but yes!  So without further ado, let’s find out more about Lee Wilson, his new book, and how you can win a copy of it.

Renee: Tell us about The Last Hybrid.

Lee Wilson: The Last Hybrid (http://www.thelasthybrid.com) is about a man, Daniel, who

Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson

is half angel and half human (a Nephilim).  It’s also about Hannah who wants to go back and earn her college degree after flunking out when she went to college previously.  Her goal is to stay focused on her grades and stay away from drama.  That’s the opposite of what happens when she meets and falls for Daniel.

Renee: What’s the inspiration for this book?

Lee Wilson: Around 1996 I read a theological book called Seeing the Unseen.  It started me studying angels and a passage in Genesis 6 about angels having children with humans.  Those children were referred to as Nephilim (read about the story here).  It instantly put an idea in my head about a modern-day Nephilim who falls in love with a human woman.  It wasn’t until about 2008 that I decided to write a few of the scenes I had in my head.  It grew from there.

Renee: What has been your writing journey?

Lee Wilson - The Last HybridLee Wilson: I’ve loved writing stories from as far back as I can remember.  I wasn’t much of an academic in high school.  In fact, I was downright lazy.  But I still loved the idea of creating characters and writing stories.  After college I was hired to write on behalf of a well-known author.  I started answering letters for him, but my responses had to meet his approval.  He’d use a red pen to mark through my mistakes or suggest improvements and I learned an incredible amount from him.  Eventually I was ghostwriting for him in large publications and online.  I ended up co-authoring two books and this is my first solo project.  I feel like I’m still on the first few steps of my writing journey.


Renee: What other books have you written?

Lee Wilson: The Real Heaven and The True Heaven.

The Real Heaven is a basic study and The True Heaven is the expanded, more advanced follow-up book.  There’s more information about the books here.

Renee: What do you like most/least about writing?

Lee Wilson: Freedom.  At least to some to degree.  I can tell the story as I think it should be or as I want it to be.  Of course, in The Last Hybrid I did my best to be theologically accurate about angels even though this certainly isn’t a theological book – it’s entertainment.

Renee: Who are your favorite authors and why?

Lee Wilson: Ben Mezrich (Busting Vegas).  I enjoy the suspense and how Ben takes his
readers through the details without feeling the need to rush.  And it’s still exciting.

Renee: What’s next?

Lee Wilson: Part 2 of The Last Hybrid.  I also plan on finishing some screenplays.  I
might have a historical romance in me.

Thanks Lee!  I have to say I’m partial to interesting books about the Nephilim and I hope The Last Hybrid is the first in a number of successes for Lee.  You can register to win a free copy of the book here.

If you’d like to know more about Lee Wilson, here’s his IMDb page.

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