Featured Author – Joshua Mays

I’m blogging about other indie authors once a week and I’d like to introduce you all to Joshua Mays!  Joshua’s novel is Terra Incognita:

Benjamin Harking is an independent teenager who often comes home from his boarding school to an empty house. During one lonely Christmas vacation, he finds a hidden room, secreted away beneath the stairwell. Inside is an ancient book that opens a doorway into a dark world of myth and magic. Forced on a quest for four magical items, Ben will face danger at every turn, meet new allies, and do whatever it takes to complete his goals before the evil Azothothus has a chance to exact his plans – the awakening of the primeval beings known only as the Hollow.

Sounds like an interesting story.  Let’s learn a little bit about Joshua.

What, or Who, Inspired You to Write?

The book, Terra Incognita is a culmination of a lot of the things I have found interesting in my life. The occult, fantasy, exploration, adventure, plus a ton of other things.  It’s hard to quantify it with such labels because it’s also a lot of my own style too. I tend to like things that are more visceral as opposed to cerebral. As far as the actual inspiration, there really wasn’t any. I just wanted to write a book so I sat down and took a basic idea and ran with it, adding in bits and pieces here and there to add more flavor and substance.

What Genres Do You Write In?

Right now I only write fantasy, but I really want to break away and do something more visceral. Something more artistic and human because I don’t feel I can really move people with Fantasy. To me, it’s a genre that woos and wows, but it doesn’t create that strong emotional bond. At least none of the fantasy I’ve read.

What’s Your Favorite Book?

I don’t think I can answer this honestly. I guess it’s whatever book I’m reading at that moment that I’m really getting into. now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t remember the last great book I read. Maybe On Writing by Stephen King.

Which Authors Are Your Favorites?

I really enjoy the old pulp writers of the early 20s. Lovecraft, Howard, Smith, and there are some comic books writers I love as well, namely Mike Mignola. These people have influenced everything from my ideas to my style

What’s The Best Piece of Advice You Got From Someone About Writing?

Get an editor and a professional cover artist.  I didn’t realize the importance behind these things until I actually did them. Now that I have, it gives me a more confidence as a writer to put my stuff out there. As a reader, a bad cover is a huge turn off when it comes to purchasing books.

Thanks Joshua!  Boy, I can’t echo enough what Joshua says about editing, a professional cover, and reading On Writing by Stephen King.  If you are an author, you’ve got to treat your work professionally, and Joshua has done that.  Support indie authors and check out his book!





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