Introducing A New Middle Grade Novel

Every once in a while I get to toot my own horn :).  I’ve just published a new middle grade novel, and I’m very excited about it.  Now I know most of my followers read this blog for publishing advice, or the occasional post about film noir, so I hope you’ll stick with me…

A Special Kind of Middle Grade Novel

middle grade novel This War We're InI’m thrilled to introduce This War We’re In:

This War We’re In is a story about friends and family, forgiveness and redemption.  Ten-year-old Bobby Klocker questions why his Japanese friend Richard is treated differently than other kids.  When Bobby’s older brother, Edward the bully, accuses Richard for something Bobby and Edward did, Bobby must wrestle with doing what is right versus facing his brother’s wrath, though he is ultimately determined to defend Richard.

Set in the fall of 1943, This War We’re In is about a boy learning about prejudice and the atrocities of war during the tumultuous times of World War Two.  Intertwined in the story is the forced internment of the Japanese, and a little-read-about piece of history, the United States housing of German prisoners of war.

Okay, that’s the official blurb, but allow me to share a bit more about this story and why it’s special to me…

My Father The Storyteller

Growing up, my siblings and I would often ask our dad to tell us stories about his childhood on a small farm in southeast Colorado.  Dad had us in stitches when he’d talk about how they saddled the horses, smoked my grandfather’s cigars and then got sick (and in trouble), and more.  And one of the stories that always stuck with me was an incident involving a German POW (you’ll have to read This War We’re In to find out more).

There’s A Novel Here…

A couple of years ago, I got the idea to turn Dad’s stories into a middle grade novel.  I was aware that many people knew little, if anything, about the United States housing German and Italian POWs during World War II, and I also saw no children’s books that dealt with the Japanese internment during the war.  So I combined some of Dad’s stories with this historical background, and This War We’re In was born…

I’m pleased with all my books, but this one is special to me.  I hope you’ll check it out, and maybe get it for your kids or grand-kids.  You can read a sample on Amazon.

Review Copies

Also, I am giving away ebooks to the first ten people that contact me and agree to review This War We’re In.  I only ask that you review it on Amazon and Goodreads, and that you give an honest review.


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5 Responses to Introducing A New Middle Grade Novel

  1. Susan says:

    Okay, I hope I’m one of the ten! This sounds really interesting to me; in the past year I’ve read a couple of books on the topic: Corner of Bitter and Sweet, and Thin Wood Walls. I think some of my kids would enjoy it as well (they’re 12, 14 and 16). Best wishes!

  2. Hi, Renee,
    Like you, I recently released a middle-grade novel, but I’ve been wrestling with the age-appropriateness of my book because of one incident (violent, but integral) that’s included as part of the story. Naturally, I am interested in reading other middle grade novels that delve into serious subject matters. I’d be glad to read and review.

    • Renée Pawlish says:

      Yes, it’s hard to know what age these books are for – I’ve had adult beta readers who love the book, but that’s not really the target lol.
      Thanks for being a reviewer – I will send you a copy!

      • Hi, Renee,

        Thanks. I’ll look out for that. I know what you mean. My book has been read mostly by adults who like it a lot. I’ve been reading about ages and categories, but the lines are blurry, to say the least.

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