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indie author handbook

Indie Author Handbook

We continue our Indie Authors and Amazon Author Central series, and before we get to adding books (you won’t want to miss this one as I’ve got some important things you’ll want to know) I want to cover some tips that will help you maximize your author central page.  If you missed the prior posts, read Indie Authors – Do You Have An Amazon Author Central Page? and Indie Authors – Amazon Author Central Sales Info And More.  Okay, let’s move on…

Indie Authors – Search Inside The Book

Ever been on Amazon and you see above a book cover Look Inside?  This allows readers to view inside your book before buying it.  Amazon should automatically enroll your Kindle books to the program, but you’ll have to add your print books.  To do this, on your author central home page, click on Join Search Inside The Book under Learn More (you can also go here to sign up).  It’s easy to sign up, and once you do so, all your books will be included in Look Inside.  Amazon claims that having your books in the program helps you sell books in three ways:

The third point about search results is key.  Here’s  what Amazon says about the search results:

When customers search for books on, we use the actual words from inside participating print books–not just the author, title, and keywords supplied by the publisher–to return the best possible selection of books. For matches inside the book, we also display a short excerpt and links to the page where the query matched.

For example, if Jane Book-Buyer hears about a book discussing economically productive households but can’t remember the title or author, Jane can search on and discover that the phrase was made popular by Thomas Stanley in his Millionaire Mind book series and link directly to pages in the book where the phrase appears.

This is great for someone trying to find your book(s).

Indie Authors – About The Author For Kindle

Amazon has added About The Author for Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD.  Now I don’t have either of these, but Amazon says those who have Paperwhite of Kindle Fire HD will have access to your biography and a list of all your books in a single place on their Kindle.  Readers can tap your book and be taken right to your sales page.  If you change your bio or add new books, it will automatically update on the users’ Kindle device.  But you’ll have to update your author central profile in order to be featured!

Indie Authors – Get Likes For Your Author Page

Author Central - LikesA while back, Amazon got rid of likes for your book pages, but (as of this writing) you can still have readers/fans like your author page (it’s on the upper right of the page, just above your latest tweet).  I would assume that having more likes on your page could potentially increase your visibility on Amazon.  If so, would you be so kind as to like my page, and if you put a link in the comments, I’ll like your page in return :).

Indie Authors – The Stay Up To Date Section

A nice feature of your Amazon author central page is the Stay Up To Date section (it’s just below the like section on the upper right of the page – see image above).  Your readers/fans can subscribe and receive new release emails.  How cool is that?  Granted, you should be building an email list as part of your marketing strategy, but why not take advantage of Amazon providing you a second way of letting your peeps know you have a new book?  Once you sign up, you’ll see:

You are subscribed to new release e-mails for Renee Pawlish.

You definitely want to take advantage of this feature…

That’s it for this post.  As promised, next post we’ll cover adding your books, with some important information that you won’t want to miss!

About Renée Pawlish

Award-winning author Renée Pawlish writes the bestselling horror book, Nephilim Genesis of Evil, the Reed Ferguson mystery series, short stories and non-fiction ghost stories.
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8 Responses to Indie Authors – More Tips For Your Author Central Page

  1. Thanks for the tips. I’ve just signed up for the search inside program for my print titles. I also didn’t know you could “like” an author page on Amazon! I’m pleased to see there are a few people have liked my page ;-)

  2. Caleb Pirtle says:

    Great information, Renee. I would love to re-publish the post on Venture Galleries. If I can, please send me a Word document, with links, and I will take care of the rest.

  3. Billie-Jo Williams says:

    Hello, Renee!

    Great article. I knew bits, but not all. I’ve just left a like on the your Amazon Author Central Page, so if you could do the same for me I would be soooooooo grateful! It all helps.

    Kind regards


  4. Michael says:

    wonderful read! also just liked your page, here’s mine :)

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