Indie Authors – The 10 Best Books For Writers

Let’s face it, it takes time for indie authors (or any author or writer) to learn how to write.  indie author handbookMost of us don’t write a great book the first time around.  We have to hone our craft.  In developing as writers, in my opinion, we need to read at least a few books on the craft of writing.  Yes, you may take some of the advice in classes or books and say this is what I don’t want to do, but we can glean a lot of valuable information from those who have gone before us.  Learning to write takes practice and hard work, and maybe a few tips here and there from other writers.

Indie Authors – The 10 Best Books For Writers

I created a video with my 10 best books for writers, along with a little bit of why I think each book should be on the list.  Before you watch the video, let me say that these are books on writing I read quite a while ago, when I was developing my craft.  Even though these books are older, I still believe they have valuable information.

Indie Authors – The 10 Best Books For Writers – The List

Techniques Of The Selling Writer

How To Write Killer Fiction

On Writing

bird by bird


The Writer’s Journey

Writing The Modern Mystery

Spider, Spin Me a Web

The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes

Chicken Soup For The Writer’s Soul

Indie Authors – The 10 Best Books For Writers – What Are Yours?

This is my list, the books that have helped me the most.  I haven’t read many books of late on the writing craft, as I get most of my information from other writers, my editors, and researching the Internet.  I’m sure there are other best books for writers – what are yours?

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Award-winning author Renée Pawlish writes the bestselling horror book, Nephilim Genesis of Evil, the Reed Ferguson mystery series, short stories and non-fiction ghost stories.
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12 Responses to Indie Authors – The 10 Best Books For Writers

  1. Raven Marlow says:

    ‘On Writing’ was my first and favorite! I also heard (and I’m reading now, so far so good) that ‘Self-Editing for Fiction Writing’ is a must have for Indies, and my next to read is ‘Writing Down the Bones’

    • ReneePawlish says:

      I loved King’s book, just to “get in his mind” so to speak was awesome. One of the reasons I’ve so enjoyed writing conferences and going to book signings (which alas are fewer and fewer) is so that I can talk to the authors about the craft of writing. I’ve not read ‘Self-Editing’ so I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Renee, Would you like to include this list in my forthcoming book, The Indie Author’s Guide to the Universe. I’m including my post, “Why my writing sucked and what I did to fix it” and it includes 4 of my favorite books on the craft. Email if you are interested. You will get full credit and a link to Nephilim in the Kindle version. Later. ~ JB

    • ReneePawlish says:

      I would be honored to be included in your book, Jeff, and many thanks. Folks, check out Jeff’s site, it is a valuable resource for indie authors.

  3. Bert Carson says:

    Thanks for the reference list – Here’s one that’s long out of print that has been a gem for me: Writing and Selling by Jack Woodford – it can be found at Abebooks and other such sites.

  4. Amanda Saint says:

    I’ve found ‘Reading like a Writer’ by Francine Prose to be inspirational. It made me approach my writing in a completely different way. I am now going to check out some of your recommendations too.

  5. I followed you here from a link on twitter.

    I love writerly how-to books and have read over a hundred. Some of my favorites overlap yours (TECHNIQUES OF THE SELLING WRITER and THE WRITER’S JOURNEY). A few other favorites are WORD WORK by Bruce Holland Rogers and PLOT by Ansen Dibell.

    • ReneePawlish says:

      That’s a lot of books, but good for you. Thanks for adding to the list, and for your comment. Good luck to you.

  6. I found Self Editing for Fiction Writers to be extremely helpful in banishing some bad techniques.

    Thank you for this list. I will check them out!

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