Indie Authors – How To Use Triberr Part Two

Triberr has been getting a lot of press lately, and rightly so.  This site is a great way for indie author handbookindie authors to grow their blogs and for book promotion.  I’ve had a number of people ask me to share a bit more on this great blogging tool.  If you haven’t yet, read Indie Authors – How To Use Triberr to Grow Your Blog for an introduction to Triberr.

Indie Authors and Triberr

I’ve created another video with some helpful information.

Indie Authors and Triberr Tips

Remember that if your blog post title has the words free, sample, blog hop, promotion, promotional and other similar words, Triberr considers it a promotional tweet and other tribe members will have to manually tweet your post.  If you know of other words, please let me know so I can add them to the list.

Indie Authors and Triberr For Book Promotion

Triberr is a great tool because you as an indie author can reach so many more people.  How?  Because other tribe members tweet your posts.  But remember that it’s give and take.  The last thing you want to be is someone who lets everyone tweet your posts, but you don’t tweet others :).  Now let me say that I know we’re all busy and sometimes you can’t keep up, but as a general rule, try to keep engaged.  If you do, you will see positive results.

I’m by no means a Triberr expert but please ask me any questions you have and I will try to get an answer for you.  And thanks to you all for your support.


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Triberr is growing.  Share these tips with others (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon and more :)) so we can all make Triberr successful.  Thanks!

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About Renée Pawlish

Award-winning author Renée Pawlish writes the bestselling horror book, Nephilim Genesis of Evil, the Reed Ferguson mystery series, short stories and non-fiction ghost stories.
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6 Responses to Indie Authors – How To Use Triberr Part Two

  1. Renee,

    I’ve only been a part of the tribe for a week or so and am really enjoying the experience. One of the great things about it is that members of the tribe become exposed to blogs on a wide range of topics by diverse and interesting writers. Thanks for the “how-to” advice.


    • ReneePawlish says:

      Glad you’re enjoying it, and that’s a great point about seeing other great blogs. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Renee:

    I joined Triberr after reading about it from one of your posts. Unfortunately, I have not been able to move beyond that point. I tried to link with other members, that didn’t work. I tried connecting with non-members; that didn’t work either. So, I am officially stuck. Any help you can give me will be appreciated.


    • ReneePawlish says:

      Hm, some people have sent out a bunch of invites to their people on Twitter and Facebook – have you tried that?
      Let me ask around and I’ll see if I can’t do a post on that part of it :).

  3. Did you write this for me? *grin* I’m tweeting this and putting it in my Sunday tweet roundup at Pump Up Your Book next Sunday!

    • ReneePawlish says:

      Glad it’s helpful and thanks for your comment, and thanks for pumping it up on Pump Up Your Book! I sure appreciate your support.

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