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indie author handbook

Indie Author Handbook

As I wrap up my series on Amazon’s author central page (if you missed the previous posts, you can find them on the Promoting Your Books page), it’s time to dive into the most important part.  If you’re an author, you have books :).  So let’s discuss how you add books to your author central page, and I’ll share with you the most important tip of all.

Indie Authors – Adding Books To Author Central

Once you’re logged in to author central, you’ll go to the Books tab.  It’s important to know that Amazon doesn’t automatically add your books; you have to do this yourself.  Click on the Add more books button on the left and you can search for all the books you sell on Amazon.  Once you find your book(s), you click This is my book and add it to your page.

Indie Authors – Editorial Reviews

Once you’ve added a book, you click on your book link and you’ll be on the Editorial Reviews section, the first of three tabs (see below).  This is where you’ll add the details of your book.  You’ll notice that the details you added for your book when you first published it are already filled in.  You have Review, Product Description, From The Author, From The Inside Flap, From The Back Cover, and About The Author.  You can edit each section and add details as you see fit.  And now comes the most important tip I can give you…

Indie Authors – Adding Your Book Description

As noted before, when you first publish your book through Kindle Direct Publishing, you add your book description, categories, price and so on before you publish.  When you add a book through author central, you can update your book description.  Don’t do this through author central!  Why?  Once you add or change your description through author central, you can’t go back and change it on the Kindle Direct Publishing side.  Why would you care?  Because you have a lot more characters available on the Kindle side.  And this is important when you use keywords and/or flesh out your book description.  It’s very frustrating to change things on the KDP side and find out they don’t reflect on your Amazon page, and you have to make changes on your author central page.  It’s also frustrating to run out of characters when you write your description.  And it’s most frustrating when you contact either Amazon or Author Central and their help people have no clue what’s going on…

Also note that you have to update all versions of your book.  So if you have a paperback and an ebook, you have to update both descriptions.  This threw me once when I kept looking at my Amazon page and wondering why it wasn’t the same as my author central description.  Then, dopey me, I realized I was on the paperback version in author central and the ebook version in Amazon…der!

Indie Authors – Book Details And Book Extras

The other tabs you’ll see are Book Details and Book Extras.  You can’t change anything on the details page (publisher info) but you should consider taking the time to update information on the extras page.  Amazon says it best:

Readers can see Book Extras for your book on the Kindle and Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  You can write them in Shelfari, the community-powered encyclopedia for book lovers.  This information appears before, during, and after the reader experience, so put your one-of-a-kind knowledge to use.

I’ve not used this section myself, but I’m going to look at this more.  You can add characters, a simple synopsis, summary, quotations, and more.  It might be a way to gain some extra readers.  I don’t think Shelfari has a huge following, but the extra info might boost your exposure.

That’s it for this series on Amazon’s Author Central.  I hope you’ve found it helpful!

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