Indie Authors – Increase Your Book Karma

Just a short post here for indie authors and book karma. Promoting your books is a daunting task, but there are a few things you can do to help yourself and help other indie authors, thus increasing what I like to call your book karma.

Indie Authors and Book Karma

So just what is book karma? We all know about karma in general, but as indie authors, when we take time to help our fellow authors, we get a little book karma back. You never know when the things you do to help others will come back to help you. And it doesn’t have to be big things. There are little things you can do to help other authors, and in many cases, help yourself as well.

Indie Authors and Sharing the Knowledge

Every blog should have widgets that let other tweet the post, post to Facebook, add to Google Bookmarks, and on and on. When you visit a blog, do you notice those buttons, usually at the bottom of the post? If you don’t, you should because these are ways for promoting your books, and you. Most of us don’t bother with them, most likely because it’s too time-consuming. But there are a few that take just a second and you should click them. Yes, it helps the blog owner, but it can help you get noticed. And remember that book karma? It comes into play here. Most blog owners greatly appreciate the extras – I know I do. So when you’re on a blog and you find a post helpful, I would encourage you to, at the very minimum, do the following:

  • Google 1+ the post
  • Click the Facebook Like button
  • Tweet the post

These three things take just a second or two, but it’s helpful for the blogger. I’ve gotten in the habit of clicking the first two when I can, and if I really liked the post, I’ll retweet it. And what can it hurt you to do so? And as the blog owner, you should always like and 1+ your own posts.

If you feel more adventurous, post to StumbleUpon. If you’re not familiar with StumbleUpon, check it out. Things that get Stumbled can get a lot of exposure. Help Stumble others and it will come back to you (book karma :)). These are little things, but even the little things can help when promoting your books.

There are plenty of other places to post – if you’re familiar with them, post to them.

This is my last post before Christmas. I wish you all a blessed holiday season. I am very grateful to all my followers, and I thank you for stopping by. I will be back next week with more posts, including my indie author publishing predictions (say that five times fast) for 2012.

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About Renée Pawlish

Award-winning author Renée Pawlish writes the bestselling horror book, Nephilim Genesis of Evil, the Reed Ferguson mystery series, short stories and non-fiction ghost stories.
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6 Responses to Indie Authors – Increase Your Book Karma

  1. ReneePawlish says:

    For my blog followers, if you received two notifications of this post, my apologies. Stupid WordPress sometimes doesn’t like something in my post titles (or something that I’m doing lol) and it won’t recognize the link, so I have to republish the post. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  2. Good words to leave us with for 2011. Most often I’ll tweet a post that I like.
    Wishing you a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  3. James Ross says:

    The sites available to those that are active in social media have exploded in the last few years. My next adventure is Google+. I’m familiar with the others and anxious to find out how Google+ operates. Thanks for reminding me in this blog post.

  4. Mary says:

    So, I’ve noticed — your troubles with the links, which is why I came on to tweet, etc … Then I wanted to read the article anyway. Karma is a great thing to spread around and it does help us. Great article, Renee.

  5. AJ Barnett says:

    I couldn’t help but follow your advice and Tweeted your blogpost. What you say makes sense. Great post.

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