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indie author handbook

Indie Author Handbook

We all know we need to use Amazon to sell books, and a great tool that you can use is Amazon Listmania.  Amazon Listmania is a list that you create that lets others know about products you find interesting.  What would we indie authors want to tell others about…our books :).  Here are some tips you can use to make Amazon Listmania an effective way to help market your book(s).

Indie Author Marketing – How To Set Up Amazon Listmania

Here are the basic steps for setting up a list (we’ll get into what you should list below):

  1. Go to your Profile page.
  2. Click Edit Your Profile in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Click Lists in the Contributions section of Your Profile.
  4. Select Create your first one now or Manage your Listmania Lists link if you already have existing lists.
  5. Fill in the information for your list and click Preview to review your list and then click Publish list when you’ve completed your list.

For full instructions and rules, visit Amazon’s page.

Indie Author Marketing – Your List Title

You’ll be asked to fill out a title for your Amazon Listmania list.  Make sure you are creative here.  You want a title that would capture someone’s attention.  For instance, why title a list Great Mysteries when you could say Mysteries You Can’t Put Down.  This is a great time to do some keyword research to find out how people are searching for books in your genre.  Use those phrases in your list title.

Indie Author Marketing – Your Qualifications

Now’s the time to do a little bragging.  What makes you qualified to write such a list?  You’re an author, of course.  This is where your signature will show up, and it should have a reference to you being an author in it.  And this is what tells others why you’re an expert to create the list.

Indie Author Marketing – The Introduction

The Amazon Listmania introduction is not mandatory, but do not skip this!  A great recommendation that I heard is to pose a question and then answer it.  Do you know the ten best books on writing?  Then you include the books in your list.  Another tip is to use a number…this attracts people to a list.  Remember, you’re telling people what’s in it for them.  Make it enticing…

Indie Author Marketing – Your List

Now we get to the heart of the matter, the list :).  This is where you list all the books that you want to tell others about.  And here’s the key – you include your book on the list!  I’ve heard varying tips on where to list your book – at the top or after other bestsellers.  I put mine at the top, but do what feels right for you.  Be sure to include your competition in the list.  This is because someone may have heard of their book, but not yours.  But when they look up their book, your Listmania list may appear on the page (since their book is in your list), and then they may find your book.  You can also add something about each book…make sure you do this as well.  Again, you look like the expert.  And for your own book, use a review quote.

Here’s an Amazon Listmania I created for Nephilim.

Indie Author Marketing – A Few Things To Note

You used to be able to tag Amazon Listmania lists, but Amazon has done away with this feature.  At one time you could broadcast your list to others, but, like tagging, I don’t believe you can do this now.  It’s important to note that when you create lists and have links to your books, Amazon likes this.  The exposure is good.  But also use some caution.  You don’t want to create a ton of lists that are very similar and they all have your book in it.  It might be good to create some lists that don’t feature your books.  I’ve heard of some people who try to create a list a week.  I don’t know how effective this is.  I’ve created a few lists and I need to do more.  It may not be a huge help, but I don’t think it can hurt :).

Have you used Amazon Listmania?  Tell us about it!

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  1. I’ve heard the word but never investigated what it was. Thanks Renee for making it easy to find out.

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