Guest Blog – This Guy Is Crazy!

I’ve never had anyone guest blog before, but I couldn’t resist a while back when Martin King asked me to be a part of his ’100 blogs in August’. This guy is crazy, was my first thought. My second was, what an ingenious way to get yourself known.

Do yourself a favor and check out Martin’s website. He’s got some very creative stuff going on (I won’t tell you what – take the time to visit) Martin, fair warning, I’m going to steal some of what you’ve done lol. Do me a favor and read his post below, and give him some love. Spread the word, and you could be the next guest blogger on my site!

Martin’s Post:

One day I was walking home from school. At the time I went to Gisburn Road which was the school for age group7 – 10. It’s fair to say I was roughly about ten.

The walk home was about two whole miles! And we would walk there every morning and every evening. On our travels home, me and my friends would have little stop offs along
the way, with one such stop off being this car park with a couple of skips in it for the next door factory. Don’t ask me why, but we would sometimes rummage through them for something to do.

Now you may think that we must have been scruffy scavengers. Untrue! Back then when you had to make your own go-karts and sledges, you were always on the lookout for new

Anyway back to the story. On this particular day we found a couple of movie reels chucked in and we were all chopping sections off for souvenirs. At the time we didn’t know much about what it was, but kids are just like magpies. It turned out they were the negative frame shots from the relatively unknown film called ‘GREASE’. You may have heard of it.

Imagine how cool that would be now, to possess some original 70’s film reel of the movie grease? Alas I don’t have it anymore. I haven’t a clue what happened. But still, it’s a great mini claim to fame. So what movie memorabilia did you manage to get your hands on when you were a kid? And more to the point, have you still got it?

These blogs are all about fun and sharing. Thank you for reading a ‘#100blogfest’ blog. Please follow this link to find the next blog in the series:

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4 Responses to Guest Blog – This Guy Is Crazy!

  1. Another interesting vignette, and, bearing in mind the recent resurgence of interest in ‘Grease’, I bet you wish you’d kept those reels intact. My early memories of the cinema involve going to the Saturday morning matinees and gaining access for the price of 9 jam jars (washed and complete with screw-on lids, of course).

  2. susielindau says:

    Very fun post! I am glad you guest posted him Renee.

  3. I had a similar “This guy is crazy!” reaction when I first heard Martin’s idea, Renee. 100 blogs in 31 days is quite a daring achievement. It seems to be working well though. Three cheers for #100blogfest!

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