Flipboard – What Is It And How Can Indie Authors Use It?

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Will Flipboard be the next thing in book marketing?  Indie authors are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to market their books (and let’s face it, we indie authors are great at this – don’t believe me, read this post about mainstream authors noting how well indie authors market their books), and Flipboard just might be the next great thing…

Indie Authors – What Is Flipboard?

Flipboard is a magazine app for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets.  In layman’s terms, it’s an online magazine that you can read on your cell phone :) or tablet.  Content includes hundreds of magazines, blogs, photography, and news sections, and you can personalize Flipboard to your individual tastes, or you can just flip through boards (get it, Flipboard).  You can also add social media sites like Facebook and Twitter (this is nice, you can see your tweets, posts and more), and you can add blogs you follow.  Flipboard allows you to search with a hashtag (like Twitter), and you can save content as well.

Indie Authors – Why Would I Use Flipboard?

I’m glad you asked :).  You can also create your own magazines in Flipboard!  Think what Flipboard For Indie Authorsindie authors can do with this…and once you create your magazine, anyone can subscribe to your magazine.  It’s another way to interact with your fans, and get them engaged in your writing.  Flipboard is easy to use, it looks awesome, and it’s a great visual way to entice your potential readers (or your fans) into buying your books.  You can periodically post great content on Flipboard (it’s great visually and readers love this) and keep your readers intrigued with what you’re doing.

Indie Authors – Flipboard Tip #1 – Create An Enticing Title

When you create your magazine, you want a great title.  Just like with blogging, you want a title that will entice readers into opening your magazine.  A title like My Book or Renée Pawlish Author probably won’t get people to gravitate to my magazine.  You want something catchy – Murderous Musings From A Murdering Author – heck, I don’t know…but you get the idea (and don’t steal mine lol).

Indie Authors – Flipboard Tip #2 – Create An Enticing Description

You’ve created your magazine and you’ve got a killer title, now you need to write an awesome and enticing description.  You’d think indie authors would be better at this (we’re writers after all) but many tend not to be.  Something that says:

This is the online magazine of author Renée Pawlish.  She writes mysteries and horror blah blah.

Kind of boring, right?  How about:

Enter the mind of a wordsmithing, character-killing, horror-creating author blah blah.

Better, right?  Again, you’ll have to play around with your description and it never hurts to get feedback from others – think what would make me want to read this?

Indie Authors – Flipboard Tip #3 – Pick The Right Category For Your Magazine

We indie authors know that it’s critically important to select the right category for our book(s) or we can hurt our sales.  It’s the same with Flipboard – pick the wrong category and you risk having readers not find you.  Take the time to make sure your magazine fits the category you put it in (you can have more than one magazine, and you can put ones with different content in different categories, thus targeting more readers).

Indie Authors – Flipboard Tip #4 – Be Creative With Your Magazines

Flipboard allows you to include a variety of content, not just stories.  You can include videos, music, and photos.  As an author, you could create a magazine based on a character, or your writing life, or on things that your character is interested (say he’s a dog lover, you could have a magazine focused on dogs).  You could have collections of pictures, or publish stories that all have a similar theme.

Remember, add useful content, and be entertaining.  The key here is to not just promote yourself; you want to include content from others that your readers will like, and intersperse your own content within this.

Flipboard has hit 50 million readers – that’s a lot of readers who might be interested in your books.  To learn how to use Flipboard, read their tips.  I will be exploring Flipboard in the near future and I will share any insights with you all.

Anyone using Flipboard?  Let me know in the comments :).

About Renée Pawlish

Award-winning author Renée Pawlish writes the bestselling horror book, Nephilim Genesis of Evil, the Reed Ferguson mystery series, short stories and non-fiction ghost stories.
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9 Responses to Flipboard – What Is It And How Can Indie Authors Use It?

  1. Caleb Pirtle says:

    Great information, Renee. As always you are on top of what is new and different in the indie world of publishing.

  2. I am sat with my foot up icing my surgery – so your post came at an ideal time. As always, great information Renée – thanks.

    I will go and investigate as this sounds interesting. It seems a bit like a cross between the paper.li function on twitter and Pinterest? Folk are so visual, mobile and pressed for time these days and only want to get information personalised to their tastes – anything that taps into this is bound to be popular.

    Big thanks for keeping us up to date!
    Emma x

    • Renée Pawlish says:

      I hope you recover well, and I like the paper.li/Pinterest comparison – it does seem to be a bit like those, and yes, you definitely want the visual.
      Thanks for the comment.

    • Hey, Emma what happened to your foot? I broke my ankle 2 weeks ago and it hurt like hell, unbelievable – but better now, with my foot up all the time!

      Renée, what an interesting post, I’d never heard of it! I wonder whether I shouldn’t start a Boomer Lit Magazine…Hey, that’s an idea I should propose to my Goodreads Group!

      In any case, thanks for sharing the info. Fascinating!

  3. Great stuff as always, Renee. Wonder if it will be any easier to get subscribers to a Flipboard magazine than a blog?

    • Renée Pawlish says:

      Good question – I think Twitter and Triberr help drive traffic to blogs, but the visual and iphone aspect make Flipboard attractive to many.

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