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I’d like to welcome indie author Sara Barnard to the blog!  Sara’s written a couple of books and she has quite an interesting background (she’s a history major like me)…but I’ll let her tell you about it.

Tell our readers a bit about yourself and your writing:

We are a military family of six and also have three rescue dogs, two cats, eleven chickens and a horse.  Most are rescue animals, each with their own unique story.

I started my first novel, A HEART ON HOLD, during my husbands’ last deployment to Afghanistan.  When we moved here to Oklahoma, I was so moved by the natural beauty and history of the region, I wrote THE ABC’S OF OKLAHOMA PLANTS to try to get kids outside and experiencing the beauty of the Sooner state for themselves.

Why did you write The ABC’s of Oklahoma Plants?

Before I married and had kids, I spent my summers volunteering with the Student indie author Sara BarnardConservation Association all over the U.S. in conjunction with the Forest and Park Services.  The outdoors are so special to me and I  would love to give Oklahoma children a new angle by which to.view our natural lands.

Tell us about A Heart on Hold:

A HEART ON HOLD is a romance story, but not a typical romance story.  It’s set during the Civil War.  When Charlotte Adamsland gets word that her husband, CPT Sanderson Redding was killed during a botched escape from a Confederate Prison in Illinois, she heads North to repatriate his remains.

When did you start writing and why?

I started writing in the 3rd grade.  I had to as an outlet.  I have always expressed myself better on paper.  I took a few creative writing courses in college, but love history.  So after earning my BA in History, I kept writing and had a few articles published here and there.  Once The Hubby deployed, I wrote as an outlet and to keep sane during that stressful time.  An excerpt was published by Marble Press in 2010 and another short story of mine about my husband’s Afghani dog was published in THE HARSH AND THE HEART:CELEBRATING THE MILITARY by Silver Boomer Books in 2011.  Besides my upcoming novel and Oklahoma book, I have an old west ghost story coming out in CAMPFIRE TALES (Coolwell Press) and a short story about the effects of PTSD on the family following deployment in a Canadian anthology.  The ABC’S OF TEXAS PLANTS is also almost complete, as well.

What’s your best advice for marketing books?

EMBRACE THE.SYNOPSIS AND QUERY LETTER!!  You will need it later on.

Some rapid fire questions (some indie author fun:)):

Paperback or Kindle?


Ice cream or cake?

Can you have one without the other?  I guess I’d have to vote for.ice cream!

Winter or summer?


Early riser or nightcrawler?

Early riser for my kiddos, night crawler for my writing time!

Coke or Pepsi?

Sweet Tea :-)

Anything else you want to share?

Thanks for letting me be here with you today!

Thank you Sara for sharing your writing experience.  It’s nice to see the variety of books an indie author can publish.  I wish you the best of success!

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