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A Crime Collection Boxed Set

It’s been a while since I’ve interviewed indie authors, but I’m delighted to host the authors that are featured in a boxed set that I’m a part of.  It’s called A Crime Collection – 5 Heart-Pumping Mystery Thrillers. Each day I’m interviewing a different author, and today it’s Emily Kimelman! She is the author of The Sydney Rye Series (UNLEASHED, DEATH IN THE DARK, INSATIABLE, STRINGS OF GLASS, and THE DEVIL’S BREATH). This series feature a strong female protagonist and her canine best friend, Blue (recommended for the 18+ who enjoy some violence, don’t mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex). These are rollicking good mysteries! Let’s learn a little more about Emily.

What’s the best feedback you’ve gotten from a fan?

Unleased - A Sydney Rye NovelA number of people have told me that they read the Sydney Rye series while recovering from an illness and that her strength, and Blue, really helped them through that journey. When I get those emails I tear up a little bit. To think that my imaginary adventures could actually effect someone’s real life in a positive way is awesome to me.

What’s your favorite hobby?

I love horseback riding. When I was living in Costa Rica working on INVITING FIRE I worked at a horse farm down the road and spent most my afternoons galloping up hills and chasing cows and donkeys around. It was a dream come true. My horse, Mishka, loved hanging out with me and we learned a lot together about opening gates, getting over fears, and finding the most spectacular views.

Who inspires you?

So many people! I have a new series I’m doing on my blog about people who inspire me. I recently had Toby Neal (who writes the Lei Crime Series) on and next month I’ll be interviewing my good friend, Gail Cunningham. She is a cut paper artist whose work I really admire. Really, I’m inspired by anyone who let’s their creativity lead them around by the nose and isn’t afraid to let it happen.

What’s the first story you ever wrote?

Oh my God. I just found it recently. I wrote it when I was like 11 and there is drug smuggling, booze, and nudity. Really, my themes have not changed much :) I wrote in the bio that Emily Kimelman was also the author of the “Unicorn Chronicles” which I wasn’t and still am not. But damn, I wish I was.


It’s been great for me to get to know Emily, and I appreciate her willingness to share her publishing experiences with me. She is definitely an author to watch.

I hope you check out all of Emily’s books, and get your FREE copy of A Crime Collection.


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