Bookbub Raises Capital – What Does It Mean For Indie Authors?

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Did anyone see the latest news about Bookbub?  I’m a little surprised I haven’t been reading more about this from indie authors.  The headline is striking:

BookBub Raises $3.8M to Help Readers Find E-Book Deals Online

Indie Authors – What Does This Mean For Us?

My first thought when I read the headline was will Bookbub quit gouging authors with their advertizing prices?  Of course we know the answer to that: no.  The only way Bookbub will stop with the exorbitant costs is to have competition (which is one reason why I hope The Fussy Librarian succeeds).  When indie authors have another viable resource that is as successful as Bookbub and they take their advertizing dollars there, then Bookbub will have to reconsider what they charge for a one-day email.

Indie Authors – What Will Bookbub Do With The Money?

The article states that:

The CEO plans to use the funding to develop new e-book discovery products for Bookbub price imagepeople who love to read.  The company also plans to localize the BookBub newsletter and site for different, international markets, starting with English-language speaking countries.

I’m curious to see what the plans are.  I also wonder how successful Bookbub will be with foreign markets.  Amazon hasn’t figured that out, with their delivery charges and inability to let authors change prices in foreign markets.  Bookbub won’t have those issues, but how will they grow their email list?  I also can’t see authors being willing to lay out the kind of cash they have to now unless they know that Bookbub will deliver, and it will be interesting to see what kind of prices Bookbub will charge.

Don’t get me wrong – Bookbub is, in my opinion, the best place to use your advertizing dollars.  I just think if they’re going to call me a partner, they should actually treat me like one, and really have my interests as an author at least somewhat in mind, instead of just wanting to get as much out of my pocketbook as they can.

What do you think about this news?

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