Beyond The Blog Basics – Secrets For Your Blog Title

As we continue looking at blog basics for the indie author, I thought I’d do another post on indie author handbookblog titles (if you missed it, read Blog Basics Continued – The Importance of Your Blog Title for critical information about your blog title).   There are important things beyond what I covered in the first post about titles that we’ll now cover.

Beyond The Blog Basics – Marketing

Let’s face it, as indie authors, it’s difficult to find and build an audience.  We’re all told the things we should be doing to get readers, and a blog is one of them.  But you have to get people to read your blog or your efforts are for naught.  In essence, this comes down to marketing, which many indie authors don’t understand at all.  I had an email a while back that made me laugh.  This newbie indie author was pooped because she’d released a book, created Twitter and Facebook accounts and started posting to them, and she had a blog.  It’s called marketing honey and you have to do it effectively if you want to sell books :).

Beyond The Blog Basics – Copywriting

When you blog and create your blog title, thing about them from a copywriting standpoint.  You’re writing copy (your blog) in order to market and advertise yourself as an author and the books you write.  Even if your posts are storytelling to show how great a writer you are, you still need to think about that title.  You’re looking to persuade people who see your blog title to take an action: you want them to open the blog post.  Believe me, this may seem simple, but as a member of Triberr I see a lot of posts that do not persuade me to read the blog.  Many of the titles have me scratching my head, saying huh.  This is not what you want.

Beyond The Blog Basics – Copywriting As A Marketer

With me so far?  When you’re marketing, you’re hoping to get certain responses from people.  You want people to open your post, you want them to subscribe to your blog, you want them to buy your books and you want to position yourself as an expert.  And can you guess where this starts?  With your blog title.  Think of it as a newspaper.  A great headline causes people to read the article.

Beyond The Blog Basics – Copywriting Examples

The headline is the promise you’re making to your readers.  And then in your post you deliver on that promise.  Here are some examples of ways you can catch people’s attention with your blog title:

  • 10 Ways To _____ (write a great blog post)
  • The Secret To _____ (selling books)
  • Top Ten _____ (books on writing)
  • Everything You Need To Know (about publishing on Amazon)
  • Who Else Wants To _____ (sell a ton of books)
  • 10 Reasons Not To _____ (use Amazon KDP)

There are hundreds of things you can come up with.  The key is to peak someone’s curiosity.  Did the above examples do so for you?  If not, come up with your own, or look on the Internet.

Really great copywriters lure in readers by hitting emotional hot buttons and then leaving the reader dying for more.  Hey, this applies to our writing and jacket blurbs as well :).  This is what you aim for in your title.  Get that person thinking wow, I’m so curious, I have to read this blog.  Sure, it’s hard to do this all the time, but if you hit the mark more often than not, and your posts have great content, you’ll likely build a great following.


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  1. Jo VonBargen says:

    Another great collection of writing tips from the master! Thanks, Renee!

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